In this day and age, it seems a difficult task not to get too caught up in the material world, which surrounds all of us, on an everyday basis. The instant gratification the technological world so easily provides is short lived at best, never creating true satisfaction, because well, we seem to always want more. Personally, I find myself actively refusing to be bombarded with constant notions from the media that the world is this terrible, scary place and worst of all, that I am not good enough to do anything about it. If only we were taught when we were young that we hold all the power we need right inside ourselves. I believe it all starts with our heart.


Let’s stop here for a second and think about that. Our hearts. Are we told in school to live with an open heart? What about our minds? Do we practice exercises, which focus on opening our hearts and minds? For me, as I’m sure it was for others, this was definitely not the case. I was too focused on trying to get good grades to worry about anyone else…especially myself. It was not until my twenties did I begin to educate myself on an alternative way of living (i.e. Yoga, Meditation, eating healthy foods that nourished my body, mind and soul). I never had a desire to work a 9-5 job and went so far as to reject the whole idea all together as outdated and frankly, not for me. With that being said, I feel this burning passion rooted deep in the pit of my heart to help people. All people.

We have this amazing, beautiful mind that can manifest any dream into reality. Matter follows consciousness. In school, though, we are not taught this; we hold the ultimate power with how our life unfolds. Stress is an epidemic in America. It is a killer, maybe the number one killer in America right now. Stress is very acidic, toxic and all in all makes the blood turn into toothpaste consistency (aka: clogged or sludgy). Every thought, word and deed we perform, we can be sure to manifest (knowingly and unknowingly) every single moment in our lives, whether they be positive or negative is solely up to you. If we are thinking, “Wow, I hate my job” or “I hate when someone cuts me off while driving”. Then surely we can expect to attract more similar situations to “hate”. If we could only flip our vision to see the other side, “I am thankful my job provides me with money I use to feed my kids” or “Maybe this person cut me off because they are rushing to the hospital to see a loved one”. How quickly we would feel much differently, if for no one, but ourselves. Just as eating a dark leafy green vegetable, thinking a positive thought changes the structure of our blood within 15 minutes. Wallah, Same situation, different perspective. Different affect on the body. Some people say I am radical in my positivity. And I say why the hell not??? Why would anyone want to be anything but positive? I am not saying to repress and avoid negative feelings, because surely they do arise within us. Instead, we can learn to accept these feelings as they come and once we do, gently we can begin to let them go. Radical humility. Compassion. Love.

Thinking about how all of our choices, from as small as what socks to buy to as big as what to do with the rest of our lives, affects not only ourselves, but everyone around us, including every being on this planet. We vote every single day with our dollar. We go to some big CEO owned chain department store or restaurant and we feed into this system of deceit and manipulation. Slave labor is still very much real. GMOs are real. When we buy locally owned and handmade materials made in our home country, we support the planet in a positive way. We support a small family, which in turn supports our whole community. We make a positive choice and sooner or later it comes right back to us in divine timing. If we want to gain more loving situations, we need to be more loving people. Sounds counter productive, but in order to gain love, we have to give it away freely. So to live a little more consciously in this seemingly unconscious world, my advice to you would be to first cultivate this peace, love, and harmony for yourselves that you so desire to see in others. We are all connected and for this reason among many more, you are very important. Namaste.

Ty Rosemellia


Ty earned her B.A. in Clinical Psychology from Florida Institute of Technology in Melbourne, Florida. She is a Yoga Alliance Certified Yoga Teacher (RYT)-200 and a Usui Reiki Level 3 Practitioner. Ty has a love for Holistic Medicine and is passionate about helping people on all levels of health.