Australia Tibet Council campaigns for the freedom and human rights of Tibetans.

Our vision is a free Tibet in which Tibetans can determine their own future and freely pursue their cultural, political and economic developments.

We are inspired by the Tibetans who have resisted China’s occupation of their homeland with courage, hope and tenacity.

We are a not-for-profit organisation, funded by members across Australia. Founded in 1988, we are the largest community of Australians standing in solidarity with the people of Tibet.

  • We raise awareness about the real situation in Tibet and mobilise public support for our campaigns.
  • We drive global support for the Tibet movement by lobbying the Australian parliament and government. We ensure our decision makers get the accurate information and take a firm, principled stand on Tibet.
  • We amplify the voices of Tibetans and ensure the international community hears their stories as China intensifies its propaganda efforts to control the discourse on Tibet.


Trek for Tibet - Australian Tibet Council

9 day trip, 4 day challenge

Registration fee: $770 (non-refundable) Travel quote: $2999 (land only)

Join Australia Tibet Council in a wanderlust journey that will take you to the foothills of some of the highest summits in the world. As part of this incredible adventure, you will experience the magic of India, from the bustling capital to the majestic mountains in Dharamsala. Over four days, you w...