Conscious Impact is currently based in Takure, Nepal. In response to the 2015 earthquakes, we are working to introduce sustainable solutions through relationship-based, grassroots development in rural Nepal. We train, employ, and work alongside community members in rural Nepal. So that they may have greater access to resources, build with local materials, plant trees that will provide for generations, and improve education for their children. This impact is community-driven and will last beyond our time.
Our volunteer program asks that volunteers come for a minimum of 10 days and are welcome to stay for as long as they are comfortable. Volunteers will be directly immersed in the local community as well as Conscious Impact community.

Photography by Jonathan H. Lee . Check him out on Instagram !



Rebuilding Community with Conscious Impact

Since the very beginning, Conscious Impact’s work has been dependent on our network of compassionate volunteers from all over the world. We’ve built bamboo structures, retaining walls, produced and moved thousands of bricks, dug hundreds of holes for trees, made paper mache masks at the ...