The Habiba Organization, which includes the beach lodge, communal organic farm and our learning center is dedicated to building a strong, healthy future for the entire South Sinai Community.
Enjoy the peaceful bliss of Habiba’s beautiful beach lodge on the shores of Nuweiba. Enjoy fine dining prepared by their talented kitchen staff, and learn about their remarkable projects to green the desert of Sinai – one plot of land at a time.

Read about their revolutionary Palm Date Foundation and our efforts to create sustainable, environmentally friendly income for the local community. Also learn about their efforts to engage partners, universities, and organizations from around the world to build a model sustainable community in the desert.


Eco Volunteering at Habiba Organic Farm | Nuweiba, South Sinai, Egypt

Volunteer at Habiba to gain practical experience with organic harvesting, sowing, companion planting and how to identify the right plants to grow, and when to grow them. We will also show you how to identify and control pests and diseases in organic systems. 1 Week Program includes Learn how organ...


Discover the Desert Farm Life - Habiba Organic Farm | Nuweiba, Egypt

Founded in 2007, Habiba Organic Farm serves as a community farm to benefit the people of South Sinai in Egypt. The farm serves as a shining beacon of hope to what can be accomplished through sound organic farming practices in the desert. Local people have seen the result, and today, agriculture is b...