Why Orangutan Odysseys

Orangutan Odysseys is dedicated to protecting the forests in Indonesia and educating travellers about the importance of protecting the habitat of orangutans. We provide you with unparalleled travel opportunities to see these magnificent orangutans in the wild, and help you understand the importance keeping their habitat safe.
For each tour, they provide detailed information on accommodations, style of travel and the nonprofit groups we support in that area, which allows travellers to choose the tour which is best suited to their experience and needs. Tours support the work of many orangutan conservation groups in Indonesia and Malaysia, and the information we provide will help you see the ways in which your tour is making a difference for the orangutans.
They are the only organisation that offers travel itineraries to every orangutan destination. From Sumatra and the Indonesian portion of the island of Borneo, to the Malaysian states of Sabah and Sarawak, we provide tours to remote mountain areas as well as family-friendly tours suitable for children.
Our local staff, many of whom have worked closely with orangutans, are knowledgeable and friendly, providing guidance and customer service to ensure your Orangutan Odyssey is both exhilarating and educational.
Orangutan Odysseys is committed to providing you an exceptional experience, and your safety is our top priority. Since many of our destinations are in remote areas and travel is aboard river boats, we have taken extraordinary measures to ensure that our vessels are fully-equipped with safety gear, including first-aid kits and life-vests to protect both you and our staff. In addition, when travelling with us, you are protected under our Australian travel agency license and the Travel Compensation Fund, as well as our $10,000,000 Public Liability Insurance.


It is our vision that responsible tourism to Sumatra and Borneo raises awareness about the loss of habitat and other factors endangering orangutans. The entire ecosystem needs to be protected, and through our tours we continue to raise much-needed funds to support local conservation efforts and provide pockets of hope for the environment and the community.
It is our goal to protect the orangutan habit through environmental sustainability and responsible tourism. Our passion lies in the primary forests of the world, which are a vital part of the global ecosystem.
Asia’s vast population has placed enormous stress on the environment, particularly the forests of Sumatra and Borneo, the world’s 3rd and 4th largest islands. Deforestation, mining and overpopulation continue to have substantial negative effects on these unique and vital ecosystems. Within these forests lie enormous biodiversity. At the top of the ecosystem chain, and what has become a mast head for conservation in the region, is the orangutan.


Cross Borneo Adventure Tour

18 Days


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Orangutans and Dragons Tour in Borneo

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