Our main mission is to protect sea turtles.  With the support of the local community and the international volunteers, coming from all over the world, we work to help conserve the environment. By working with sea turtles, with communal and environmental education programs, we will be able to educate people on the importance of caring about such a valuable environmental resource: sea turtles.
The work consists in supporting the coordination of the volunteers in the camp, assigning tasks and helping the volunteers to join the program, being attentive to the fulfillment of the assignments and being a channel of liaison between the volunteers and the general coordinator. You must be in constant communication with the general coordinator with whom you will determine the tasks to be performed in the project.


Sea Turtle Conservation Program with Tortugas de Pacuare

From 2 weeks

$225 USD

Our main mission at Tortugas de Pacuare is to protect endangered sea turtles such as the Leatherback sea turtle, Hawksbill sea turtle, and the Green sea turtle. With the support of the local community and of the international volunteers, we aim at conserving the environment. By working with sea turt...