Visit Natives promotes sustainable indigenous tourism which respects local culture and the environment. Our tours allow travellers to experience the daily lives of Sami people and explore the Arctic nature. We offer authentic Lapland tours with a blend of traditional and modern Sami culture.

Visit Natives’ tours only accommodate small groups of people, keeping in mind long-term sustainability and customer’s experience. Meals draw on local and traditional Sami food and guests generally sleep in wilderness cabins and tents. We will not take on more guests than housing and energy resources can effectively support. On our tours, travellers are able to experience the Sami culture with unique lodging, cuisine and activities which are based on Sami culture and on Arctic nature.

Their tours endeavour to mean something for the traveller and for the Sami people. For the Sami, tourism allows them to enjoy greater economic benefits and to maintain their living in rural areas in the Arctic Circle. For the traveller, the rich Sami culture, traditions and beautiful Arctic landscape are waiting for to be explored.



6 day Sami Reindeer Spring Migration Adventure in Norway

6 days


Follow the reindeer from plain to coast! Experience this unique once in a lifetime experience of the Sami reindeer herders when they migrate the reindeer from inland areas to summer pastures on the coast of Northern Norway. Ignore the clock and join this amazing 6-day adventure! You will travel with...