Wild Awake is an ethical eco-tour and wellness retreat company that gets you off the beaten track, treading lightly and cultivating change. Our ethical tours and wellness retreat practice responsible travel to consciously reconnect you with wild nature, your own true nature and a state of perfect balance. Cultivating greater wellbeing is at the core of our experience – for yourself, the environment and for the global community. Experiencing travels with Wild Awake will support you in uncovering the best version of yourself as you unplug from the hectic pace of modern daily life, connect with wild places, be inspired through the discovery of vibrant communities & cultures and transform through yoga, meditation & movement. Together we enrich lives by contributing to positive change in the world around us through the support of grassroots conservation and social projects. We invite you to reignite your spirit of adventure, your sense of wonder and explore the connection to the world around you through fresh eyes. We invite you to make a difference by joining our ethical, sustainable and conscious travel experiences.