3 nights 4 days


150 EUR

Stay with a local family in the village of Alagollewa in Sri Lanka, and learn about the rural local lifestyle. During your stay you’ll get to do activities, such as:
-Cooking together with your host family (in Sri Lankan culture hosts do not usually eat with their guests)
-Practicing the livelihood of the family (milking cows or helping in the rice fields or chili plantation, depending on season)
-Hiking to the pilgrimage hill
-Playing Corona or Volley ball with locals or going for a swim in the lake (depending on season)
-Meeting the savings group

You can choose your arrival time to the village but it’s advised to arrive in the afternoon, before dinner time. The local contact person of the village will give you instructions of how to get there.


The village experience is especially socially sustainable because the locals benefit directly from the travellers’s stays. The locals are also free to choose themselves what part of their culture they show to the travellers, instead of having a readymade touristic program to follow. Finally, no special tourism infrastructure is built in the village and the food and water consumption is only according to the locals’ needs. To maintain the carrying capacity of the village, only individual travellers can visit the area at once and no groups are accepted.

What’s Included

-Private room in a local home, mosquito nets and bed sheets included
-Home made breakfast, lunch and dinner daily
-Shared toilet and washing facilities
-Examples of activites mentioned above

It’s good the keep in mind that the travellers are living the daily life of the hosts and therefore there is no strict programs for every day, but also space for improvisation and sudden family events or religious ceremonies, in which travellers are warmly welcome.

What’s Not Included

-Transportation for getting to the village

Trip Itinerary

1st day: Arrival to the village in the afternoon, meeting the english speaking local contact person who introduces you to the host family. Getting familiar with the house and the hosts. Cooking and eating dinner together with the hosts. Depending on the time of arrival, small activites in the village can happen.

2nd day: Breakfast with the host-family, getting familiar with the livelihood of the hosts, for ex. milking cows, helping in the rice fields or the chili plantation (depending on the season). Lunch with the hosts. Afternoon freetime for walking around the village, talking with the hosts and the neigbors, and playing games with the locals. Helping to cook the dinner with the hosts.

3rd day: Breakfast with the hosts, continuing daily farm works and cooking with the hosts. Hike on the pilgrimage hill nearby. Dinner.

4th day: Breakfast with the hosts, last activities and maybe meeting the savings group of the village. Leaving from the village before lunch time.

Please note that the activities mentioned are not final, and are suspected to change according to the season or the weather.

Program And Price

3 nights/4 days: 150 eur / adult. Children between 5-15 years old – 50 %, children between 0-4 years old Free.