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València’s Albufera Natural Park is one of the most ecologically important areas in all of Spain. Its biodiversity and economic impact on the region are significant reasons to preserve this incredible collection of wetlands. It has been declared as a place of special protection by the European Union due to the wide range of wildlife; specifically water, wading, and migratory birds including several in danger of extinction. Albufera also supports intense agricultural (cultivation of rice), industrial, hunting, and touristic uses whose consequences have resulted in significant pollution and encroachment on the wildlife’s natural habitat. The Environmental Conservation in Spain project focuses on helping the local teams with their recovery plan and park management & maintenance activities. Natural “green” filters were planted to clean the water of Lake Albufera to help improve water quality and promote growth of aquatic plant and animal life. Your days will be spent either in the water or along the trails that run through the park. You’ll be tasked with clearing waterways, eradicating invasive plants, picking up rubbish, planting various plants to increase biodiversity, and assisting with research tasks performed by the local teams.


The Environmental Conservation project in Spain focuses on a local lake, L’Albufera de València and its surrounding wetlands.  The conservation team is improving the water quality in the lake by pumping the polluted water (overwhelmed by algae due to pollution dumped into the lake decades ago) into man-made lagoons that are filled with “green filters” (plants that absorb the algae) and then pump the cleaned water back into the lake.  The project also promotes biodiversity by planting various types of plants throughout the wetlands and studies climate change through the migratory patterns of local birds through bird ringing.

What’s Included

• Airport arrival transport

• Pre-departure information

• In-country orientation, training and coordination

• Private room in a shared, self-catering apartment with WiFi

• 24/7 emergency phone

What’s Not Included

• Flights

• Visas

• Vaccinations

• Travel insurance

• Personal expenses

• Bank/wire transfer fees

• Return airport transfer

Trip Itinerary

Tasks vary by day, but project pickup is around 9:00 AM and completion by 2:00 PM each day. Duties include, but are not limited to: • Placement of cages to promote reed growth and provide safe nesting areas for endangered and non-endangered wetland birds • Deployment of “live traps” to track local turtle population & remove invasive species of crayfish • Planting, cutting, and watering plants • Trail and facility maintenance • Wetlands and roadside clean up

Program And Price

From 2 weeks, starting at €805 (euros) + $250 application fee


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