From 2 days



Terra Sylvestris offer both pre-defined and tailor made eco tours in our base in Kalamos Island based on the time you have available and your needs. Our services include wildlife spotting, including bird watching, hiking in trails, nature walking and many others.we also do snorkeling tours in the surrounding waters of Kalamos for people interested in exploring the sea. Tours can be combined with accommodation at our biological field station in Kalamos. Here you can see our work first hand and get to experience life in the station and our organic vegetable and fruit farm that surrounds it.


All proceeds go to fund the Kalamos and Kastos sustainable development program. The base of our offices is the same essentially to that of our field volunteer program(eco-community, refurbished derelict spaces etc).We use local transport with cars that involve people from the organisation(we are all members of the community in the board) and also others from the community and walking with these cars as modes of transport. The program has other than the objective to generate income the objective to promote the area and raise awareness about the environmental problems faced in our area and also what our organisation is doing to address these issues.

What’s Included

Transport and experienced professional guide

What’s Not Included

Food, drink (other than water) in the case that the package does not include a bed and breakfast service.

Trip Itinerary

Various half and full or several day tours are available to explore the nature of the islands and the surrounding marine protected area in packages that can also include accommodation in a bed an breakfast type of arrangement

Program And Price

Price varies based on duration and program. Price for one person for a basic tour of the main village 12 euros per person and for bed in dorm with breakfast 20 euros per calendar night



Kalamos and Kastos Field Volunteer Program in Sustainable Development

From 15 days


Goal The goal of our field volunteer program is to contribute to sustainable development in the area, and is part of the kalamos and Kastos ...