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Mentawai Ecotourism offers a range of rainforest programs and tribal clan-home destinations to suit your travel needs and aspirations. Mentawai has developed a system that allows you to see exactly where your tourism dollar is being spent and how this will benefit the future of our community. By supporting Mentawai Ecotourism, you contribute to a community-run model designed to protect our Indigenous culture and forest environment. As part of this, 10% of your total payment goes toward our community’s Suku Mentawai ‘Cultural and Environmental Education Program’ (CEEP).


We have developed a system that shares benefit equally across all members of the community involved and provides transparency to guests so they are completely aware of where their money is being spent and how it is benefiting the Mentawai people and environment. This is an enormous improvement on the current, long-running system which – through lack of transparency and unfair treatment of the tribal communities – continues to destroy community relations and the very attraction bringing tourists to the Islands.

What’s Included

Varies, depending on which tour you select, but all include accommodation, transportation, meals, rubbish bags, itinerary checklist / key Mentawai language words to learn, cultural activities, police registration, 10% contribution toward the Suku Mentawai education program and 3% toward guide training and administration costs.

Trip Itinerary

Arrive to Mentawai (Siberut Island) – learn about our programs and cultural / environmental preservation initiative – travel by canoe or boat into the hinterland forest – stay with a tribal clan close to the river or trek deeper into the forest – observe and participate in Mentawai’s Indigenous culture – hike through the rainforest and learn about the many endemic plant and animal species – eat and sleep in the Mentawai Uma (long-house) with the clan – experience cultural practice and ritual and so much more.

Program And Price

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