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MCAS curriculum includes Modern Standard Arabic, Colloquial Moroccan Arabic, Media Arabic, as well as calligraphy.
MCAS cater to students with many different levels of experience with the language from beginner to advanced. Our beginning levels follow the curriculum of Alif Ba (Georgetown Press), while the intermediate level courses follow the Al Kitab I & II (Georgetown) curriculum as a basis for the study of Modern Standard Arabic, while utilizing reliable and innovative local sources as a supplement. Advanced courses cover Al Kitab III and beyond. We also offer Moroccan Colloquial Arabic courses that immerse our students in Morocco’s dynamic every-day language.

MCAS employs the latest methods in teaching foreign languages. We recognize that language is not a science thus the students and faculty build our structure around active participation and engagement. Conversation is not an option at MCAS but an integral element to the teaching and learning method. This is supplemented by texts that are both amenable and substantive to the student of Arabic.
At MCAS, we empower our students with the tools and confidence required to immerse themselves in a foreign culture. This is no easy process for a student and we recognize that. Often times, a foreign culture can seem intimidating and threatening when one lacks the knowledge or know-how of the words and the way things work. People are apt to stick to what they know and understand – their “comfort zones” which, to Western students, rarely include elements of an Arab culture.
This is why, through being so much more than just an Arabic program, the MCAS program is the most effective method of teaching and learning Arabic. We split the classroom time of our students between Modern Standard Arabic and Darija, the local dialect, on top of contemporary social and cultural lectures. But classroom time is only the beginning; we do not give our students the chance to segregate themselves from society, as students everywhere are apt to do. Rather, we assign them to local voluntary work, giving them an active situation where they can participate dynamically through giving and learning, a mutually reinforcing process and experience.
All languages course at MCAS are compatible with with the National Standards set forth by the ACTFL (American Council on the Teaching of Foreign Languages).
Arabic Calligraphy
MSA (Modern Standard Arabic)
MA (Darja)

Trip Itinerary

The classes stress the use of language in everyday situations. While we offer flexibility regarding the intensiveness of study, our average course lasts 4 hours a day. In 2 lessons each day, students work on grammar, pronunciation and vocabulary, while in the other 2 lessons, they focus on reading, writing, speaking and listening. Textbooks and a variety of other materials are used in instruction, including role-playing, newspapers, magazines and other materials. We offer lessons in special topics as well: media studies, film and theater, local culture, current events, politics, and research using the internet. Intermediate and advanced students also have the option of studying in the test-preparation and business classes.
Our intensive courses are for students who want to maximize their language practice during their stay. These courses focus heavily on speaking and communication skills: the morning consists of 4 lessons in communication skills, while the afternoon consists of 2 lessons in special topics, providing the opportunity to learn the local culture and customs.
All languages course at MCAS are compatible with with the National Standards set forth by the ACTFL (American Council on the Teaching of Foreign Languages). In addition to classroom studies, MCAS also offers affordable one-on-one lessons with our qualified staff. These classes are for students interested in a specific field of instruction or in need of a flexible schedule.
Private Tutoring or Classes
The Intensive Course Study at MCAS is a  week or more long enrollment in which the student will essentially receive a personal Arabic tutor in order to focus on a certain element of Modern Standard Arabic or Darija, perhaps both. Calligraphy, speaking, writing, literature, business, satellite or local media are just some of the possibilities under the Intensive Course Study program. The hours for intensive study are generally up to the student and can range from 2 to 6 hours a day of instruction, and up to 5 days a week.Tuition and rates are dependent upon the schedule as chosen by the student the standard rate is MAD 200 ($23;  €20)  per hour.

Program And Price

The Moroccan Center for Arabic Studies engages in education year round. MCAS has a very flexible timetable; each student may choose to study for as little as one week and as long as many months.



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