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Starts at $100

Agriculture is the major sector of Nepalese economy. It provides employment opportunities to 66 percent of the total population and contributes about 36 percent of the GDP. Therefore, the development of agriculture sector is crucial for the development of national economy. Nepalese Agriculture is mainly subsistence type. People practice integrated agriculture. We can find livestock, crops and other enterprise going side by side. This is a very sustainable concept and works without deteriorating nature but it needs some commercialization and output maximization.

If you love Nepalese rural life then you must see how people are involved in farming. Once you see closely Nepalese rural agriculture you will understand how sustainably they are practicing farming. Besides, volunteering in Agriculture would be a great opportunity for you to learn local knowledge, culture, and way of living. Volunteers interested in Sustainable agriculture, low external input sustainable agriculture or traditional type of agriculture can have a real experience of such agriculture practice in our farms or villages where we are working.

We have packages for you to be involved in Agro-farm of very indigenous tribes like Tharu, cheppangs, Tamang, Newar etc. Volunteering with such races of people you will have thrilling experience that you rarely had before. Moreover, you would have the great opportunity to know them very closely.


To make volunteers experience traditional Nepalese Agriculture
To aware our targeted community about the dignity of labor and motivate them to start such income-generating agricultural enterprises.
To generate income from our farm for communities
To bring some visible changes in the livelihood of very vulnerable farmers
To expose volunteers to very indigenous agricultural practices that they rarely can find in another sphere of the world.


Empowering socially discriminated, vulnerable, marginalized communities of Nepal
Providing technical know-how to the farmers without affecting their traditional knowledge
Livelihood improvement of targeted communities


As an organic farming volunteer, you will learn how to grow your own food without pesticides, be exposed to many new and alternative learning experiences, and give something back to the environment. During your stay, you will be living together with the farm family where we will work together, learn together, cook together and eat together. It is a great opportunity for you to learn Nepalese culture and lifestyle through immersion.

What’s Included

We usually provide accommodation in local villages. Another form of accommodations (like hotels, cheap guest house etc.) can also be arranged which depends upon the needs of volunteers. We provide 3 meals (as eaten by Nepali villagers in Nepal). Airport pick up and transportation would be included in the fees.

What’s Not Included

Flights, Visa charge, Health Insurance

Trip Itinerary

Typically volunteers need to work 5 hours per day from Mon-Fri. Sometime, volunteers might need to work during weekend depend on the nature of the project but for that, they get leave during working days.

Program And Price

Volunteers are accepted all year round. Minimum Stay: 2 weeks



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