From 1 week


starting at $340 + $250 application fee

Sea turtles are one of the most universally at-risk animals on the planet; with nearly all of the species being classified as endangered. Now, more than ever, volunteers are needed to ensure their survival. Sea turtles lay their eggs in nests on beaches where they’re perpetually at risk due to the presence of tourists, poachers, and predatory animals. Despite eggs being laid in large numbers, very few of the baby sea turtles survive to adulthood. Volunteering with Sea Turtles in Sri Lanka works to increase the survival rate for these amazing creatures. This is a truly rewarding program and requires individuals who are enthusiastic and dedicated. Some of the tasks volunteers can expect include: monitoring & protection of nests and eggs, control walks, trail & infrastructure maintenance, beach cleanups, and tagging and liberation (release) of newborn turtles. In addition, volunteers may also be asked to notify beach-goers of the presence of a nest and educate both tourists and locals on the importance of the protection of the turtles.


All of the food (seaweed and fish) for the turtles is sourced locally using traditional methods. All turtles are released, with the exception of those unable to survive in the wild, a few days after they hatch or when they’re healthy enough to be returned to the wild.

What’s Included

• Shared, single-sex hotel rooms (max 3 volunteers) with en suite washrooms and air conditioning

• Filtered water

• 3 meals per day

• Airport pick-up

• Location orientation

• Shared accommodations in 3-star hotels (usually not more than 3 per room)

• Project training • Project donation

• 24/7 emergency phone & in-country support

What’s Not Included

• Flights

• Visas

• Vaccinations

• Travel insurance

• Personal expenses

• Bank/wire transfer fees

Trip Itinerary

A standard day of volunteering with sea turtles in Sri Lanka consists of:

• Cleaning & maintaining the center grounds

• Preparing food and feeding the turtles

• Beach clean-up

• Baby turtle release (if applicable)

Program And Price

From 1 week, starting at $340 + $250 application fee